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IVD Special Announcements

Volunteers needed for IVD Board positions

We have the following Board positions open for anyone who wishes to volunteer to be appointed.


District 1 Trainmaster

District 2 Trainmaster


If your are interested in filling one of these position, please contact Superintendent Jim Tatum via email. 

Checkout the IVD Social Media pages!!

If you haven't had a chance or didn't know about these Social media pages. Now is a good time to check them out. Just click on one of the icons on the left and checkout our Facebook page, as well as our IVD Forums. And while your there go ahead and join our pages. Hope to see you there!!

January 2021 IVD Meet Details


Dear fellow IVD Members,

The Virtual Meeting will open at 12pm with the meeting starting at 1pm, this will allow some socializing among members before the meeting starts. There are a few rules to remember during this socializing hour.

1. Please not everyone talk at once, this will help keep the confusion to a minimum.
2. Please wait until the person that is speaking is finished before asking questions or making comments.
3. At all times please have your microphone muted unless you are ready to ask a question or make a comment, this will help keep the background noises to a minimum.

Please follow these simple rules and this will make our virtual meeting a success and enjoyable by all. As the Host of the meeting, I do have the ability to mute people. I do not want to do that, but will if the situation calls for it.


Saturday, Nov 21, 2020

Virtual Meeting Opens at 12:00 pm. Meeting starts at 1pm

Click the link below:

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Upcoming Events

2021 Events

Jan 16th - IVD Virtual Meet

Feb 13th - IVD Board Meeting

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