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IVD Volunteers Needed!!

We are needing volunteers for the IVD layout at the Wildlife Prairie Park Train Day event. The event is next Saturday, May 12 from 8a-4p. 
We need volunteers to help setup and operate the layout. I have been told that other layouts will be there as well and some are planning on setting up on Friday night after the park closes. If you are available on Friday that would be great. 

If you able to volunteer in any capacity, please email or call the following people to let them know your availability.

Jim Tatum
Phone: 309-338-3622

Dave Hawkey:

Minton Dings
Phone: 309-543-6872

2018 IVD Survey Results

We had a great response (over 80%) from a majority of our members to the surveys I sent out shortly after the elections. The results were very positive and surprising as well. Now that’s not saying we didn’t receive some negative feedback as well, but that was few and to be expected.


The results of the survey questions were:

  1. How likely would you attend an IVD meet on Saturday instead of Sunday? Positive=81%
  2. Moving the meetings to the 3rd Saturday of the month.
  3. How likely would you attend a centrally located meeting: Positive=85%
  4. Meeting central location? Peoria= 78%
  5. Longer clinics? No=60%/Yes=40%
  6. Eliminate layout tours after IVD meets? No=61%/Yes=39%**
    1. Will be discussed during the May meet
  7. Eliminate layout tours for bi-monthly round robin tours? No=29%/Yes=71%**
    1. Will be discussed during the May meet
  8. Clinic time limit? 90mins=3%/60mins=44%/45mins=53%
  9. Attend an IVD cookout? Positive=83%
  10. Attend a holiday meal? Positive=66%

Look for information in the latest Timetable for the coming changes to IVD Meets starting in September 2018. Also we will discuss these changes at the next IVD Meet in Spring Valley on May 20th.

Looking for District 2 Trainmaster Volunteer

As we did not get anyone to run for the District 2 Trainmaster position, we are actively looking for someone volunteer to fill this position. You do not have to live within District 2, just the williness to serve for a 2 year term. 


If interested, please contact Superintendent Jim Tatum by clicking on the Superintendent email address listed in the IVD Board members page.

Layout Module update!

We have about four 2x4 module sections that need rehabbed. If interested please contact Jim Tatum at or call 309-338-3622.


Also we are looking for scenery and track donations to finish these modules. We are needing Code 100 track, switches and any scenery material you might have laying around thats not going to be used.

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Upcoming Events



5/12 - Layout @ Wildlife Prairie Park, Edwards

5/20 - IVD Meet, Spring Valley

6/16 - IVD Board Meeting, Peoria

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